Got five minutes?

Our demo guru has been showing off her skill with bread dough. Over the course of several weeks we've seen her make:

An Artisan Loaf (on an Emile Henry Pizza Stone),

Dinner Hot Rolls (on a Chicago Metallic sheet pan, with a Silpat mat),

Pull-Apart Monkey Bread (in an Emile Henry loaf pan)

Brioche Fruit Cups with Almond Creme (in a Chicago Metallic mini muffin pan)

Braided Spinach & Cheese Bake (also on the pizza stone)

Brioche Loaf with Almond Paste Swirl (loaf pan),

Cinnamon Rolls (in a non-stick Chicago Metallic baking pan),

and- of course- PIZZA (on the pizza stone)!

And she did it all with the same basic recipe. All this is possible thanks to the folks of 'Bread in Five'. In there three books, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (2007), Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (2009), and Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day (2011), Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe François  share recipes that allow you to use 'homemade stored dough, mixed and refrigerated for up to two weeks.'

We got particularly excited when we saw this video they produced- which features not only their bread, but watch for that very versatile pizza stone by Emile Henry!


Don't they all look like they are having the best time making that pizza?! And we can all vouch for the taste and texture- no matter how you shape, flavor, or bake it!

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