Get yourself in a Pickle

Kyle D has been at it again. He's got the bug- the thrill of seeing your own recipe glistening behind glass- knowing that you've made something today to enjoy later. That someday in the not too distant future you will hear that pop and rushing hiss of a well sealed jar. Not at all like a leftover, rather a flavor captured in time. Not something reluctantly tolerated, even dreaded until it's gone, but looked forward to, put away for a special occasion.

This time it's pickles. And not just one flavor. You can't imagine the excitement a shipment of pickling spices from Fire and Flavor caused. We had the photos promptly the very next day.


Some DILL.

So we decided to make some for ourselves, but we wanted all the glory NOW, so fridge pickles were the logical choice.

Using a food processor, simply slice the cucumber, as well as any other pickle-ie add-ins you may wish. We chose onions and green bell peppers.

To boiling vinegar, add your desired spice blend. Sweet tends to have sugar and spices like turmeric, cloves and celery seed-

while dill typically includes garlic, peppercorns or red pepper flakes, salt and of course dill seed and sprigs of dill weed. Either benefit from a spoonful of mustard seed.

The best part about the prepackaged spice bundles is that there is no need for a recipe, no combo guess work. The package tells you everything you will need, and provides the dry ingredients all in one place. We mixed up a nice bread and butter blend.

Fill your jar about 3/4 with cucumber mix and pour hot liquid over. Just clamp down the lid, chill overnight, et voilá! you have pickles!

The food processor slice is thinner than your typical pickle, but makes for a nice spread once the pickles are ready to eat. These lovely delicate pickles are delicious by themselves on a cracker, but would be just as nice as a flavor companion to your favorite sandwich.

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