Tool Day Tuesday!


It's something new. Something wonderful. Something so cool, it might even change the double meaning of the word 'tool'...

Maybe it seems an impossible task- to put someone in front of Alaska's Largest Tool wall and ask them to choose just one favorite- but that's just what we've done in a new series we're calling: 'Tool Day Tuesday'.

Each week we'll introduce you to one of our lovely kitchen store specialist who will, with their experience and know how, accept the challenge to present the World's Greatest Kitchen Gadget (at least in their eyes) because when it comes to utility in the kitchen, these gals know their stuff!

First up, with a love in her heart for Chef'n's Super Tool, the Switchit- allow us to introduce Miss Beth!


Beth loves to bake. Whether it's cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cake pops or macarons-  if it goes in the oven, she's not only made it- she's mastered it! Trust our taste buds, it's true. She's the gal we turn to for scrumptious baked goods to fill the store with welcoming scents of sweetness.

And where there is baking, there is batter. For Beth the affection begins with how versatile a Switchit can be, and always has been, in the messiest of baking moments. Her expertise spans the evolution of the tool, from it's early design (back when they were translucent or had cut outs so you could see the strong metal core) to it's present sleekness.


Any of the many Switchit shapes will work for cookies, cake, batters and doughs. "Being double sided, it can do two things at once- which is handy for goodies like sugar cookies, where the Switchit comes in handy for both the dough and the frosting," notes Beth. Switchits are strong in the middle so they are stiff enough to stand up to the heartiest of doughs, yet flexible enough at either end to scrape every last morsel from the bowl. And because they are made of silicone, the outside is just as tough: durable, dish washer safe and heat resistant up to 650 degrees. It's even safe on non stick cookware, which is a plus for Beth's secret savory side. We keep one of each of the Switchit Slim, Spreader and All-Purpose in the test kitchen drawer, but the shape Beth reaches for over any other scraper is the Spoon Spatula. It's an enduring love affair that extends to her own kitchen where a purple Switchit is THE go to tool.



That's our Sweet Beth, and that's her cool tool!

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