Tiny Pots of Lots of Chocolate


When these tiny cocottes arrived from Staub, we immediately began compiling a list of what could be adorably baked and served in perfectly personalized servings. On the top of the list was a recipe provided by Zwilling, made specifically for these vessels, and titled "All Chocolate Cocottes". Yes, please!


It starts and ends with smooth melted chocolate, with a lovely crust and a touch of cake-y-ness in there for texture. The only way it could be any sweeter would be to bake them in the heart shaped ceramic Staub vessels like this recipe, also from Zwilling:



All Chocolate Cocottes

for 4 to 6 cocottes

Preparation time: 20 MInutes

3 eggs

4.5 oz butter + 2 oz to coat the the cocottes

4.5 oz sugar

7 oz semi sweet Callebaut Chocolate Callets

2 oz flour

.5 oz corn starch

.75 oz Powdered sugar

Cut the butter into small pieces and melt with callets in a double boiler.


Allow 2 oz of butter to soften for coating the cocottes.


In a bowl, mix the flour, starch and cocoa. Add the sugar to the melted chocolate and then the whole egg and beat well with a whisk.




Incorporate the flour/ cocoa mixture into the chocolate until the batter is completely uniform. With a brush, generously butter the inside of the cocottes with the reserved butter.


Divide the batter between the cocottes and refrigerate for atleast 30 minutes. It is even better to prepare them a day in advance.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cook the cocottes, unlidded for 7-8 minutes.


Eat immediately! (yes, that is part of the recipe) Also delicious served a la mode.

A seemingly simple sweet to make for someone special, and the best part is that you don't have to share!


recipe by Zwilling http://www.staubusa.com/#!recipes/coyy



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