Who would give a knife to their mom for Mother’s Day?

Pink Kyocera Chef Knife

By Sarah Freeman

Usually when you think of giving your mom a gift,  knives are not the first thing to come to mind. Perhaps giving one to a man in your life seems a little more fitting - some big heavy German knife any man would drool over.

Mom, on the other hand, loves to be in the kitchen but does not always need such a heavy workhorse of a knife - tiring her arm and giving her blisters while she chops, cuts and slices - unless of course, she's doing lots of butchering or boning, which should always be done with a metal blade. Each style of knife has its time and place, but if you want to help your mom with all her OTHER everyday tasks in the kitchen, then a ceramic knife is the way to go.

A ceramic chef's blade of equal size and shape, can be half the weight of most traditional knives. With a carefully designed smooth finish handle and  balanced blade, Mom will notice the difference from the first time you put the knife in her hands. But just wait until she puts it to the test... Kyocera says it best: "It's when you actually try the knife that the ceramic advantage becomes real - an experience like no other."


Black on Black Chef Knives


Even dense potatoes seem to turn to butter beneath the blade, and the same potato can be sliced paper thin with minimal pressure. Because they are so light, ceramic knives are exceptionally comfortable to use – even for lengthy, repetitive cutting tasks.  Think 'Mom-powered tool' for the kitchen.

The Kyocera line of ceramic knives come in several different sizes for any task in the kitchen and even more color combinations! From Santoku in Orange to Paring in Pink - they even offer a sleek black in some of the blade shapes, and white bladed chef or paring knives in any color of the rainbow.


Rainbow of Paring knives


The best part is that if anyone challenges mom’s fortitude in the kitchen and thinks she needs to use a steel knife to get the job done, she can remind them that the razor sharp ceramic blade stays sharper 15 times longer than a steel blade.

Additional advantages to a ceramic blade include that it is rust proof, impervious to acids and oil and it will never brown foods or leave a metallic taste or smell. All of which means she can even use it to cut lettuce or apples and it will not turn the lettuce brown or dull if you use it to cut acidic fruits like lemons, limes or tomatoes.


Classic Black Handled Chef Knife


So with a sharper blade, longer blade life, lighter weight and ease of cleaning – why not be that person that gets your Mom a ceramic knife this Mother's Day?

...You can even choose a color to coordinate with her Kitchen Aid Mixer!


Matching Colors

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