Selecting your Set: We’re Passing our Cookware Picks on to You


Because it can be a lasting commitment, not to mention a significant purchase, the selecting of your Cookware Set- or Cookware Collection- should be made with confidence. Open stock cookware purchases can be a good place to start to 'try' out a pot or pan to see if it works for your style of cooking. This can lead to an eclectic mix of specialty pans, or if you find one specific line that you love, to the serious commitment of an entire set. Thanks to the Allen & Petersen Cooking School on premises, we've seen just about every kind of pan in action and have narrowed down our retail selection based on their performance and our Chefs' evaluations/ recommendations. Whether it's for a specific use, or overall 'everyday use' durability- we've included our list of preferred lines, their features, benefits and favorite uses.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for cookware is that Copper, Aluminum, and Iron are the ideal heat conducting metals, and most cookware lines have some combination or layering- also called 'plies'- of one or all of these maerials. In general, if you're looking for durability and are going to be doing a lot of browning, high heat cooking or are looking for a nice caramelization on your sauteed items, stainless cookware is a classic choice. You should, however, keep in mind that there will be some clean up- i.e. soaking and scrubbing- involved. For this reason, others will prefer an easy-to-clean, nonstick surface. Perhaps you're looking for a pot or pan that will perfectly prepare your signature dish, like a delicate cream based soup- in which case you may want to choose a stock pot with a heavier bottom to prevent scorching, or fragile breakfast foods like crepes and eggs- where a flat-bottom, non-stick surface is ideal. There are tiny non-stick pans, just right for a one-egg breakfast, or mini pots for butter warming. Even Alaskans can get perfect winter-time grill marks with the specialty cast iron grill pans from Lodge or Staub. On the other end of the spectrum are the pieces that can be multifunctional, like the Staub lidded Coquettes that can do everything from non-stick stove-top browning, slow cooking, and even act as a 'brick oven' for masterful artisan bread baking.

In addition to material and finish choices, you'll want to be aware of the varying shapes, sizes, lids, heights, weights, handles, and ideal operating temperatures of your cookware. Reduction sauce pans, for example, have a wider opening and curved sides for optimal heat distribution so you can perfect your sauces. Stock pots come with either high or low sides, depending on how many quarts you need to cook up. Fry pans vary in diameter to accommodate all the steaks you want to sear. Some of the heavier pans come with a 'helper handle' to make it easier to move around, but be aware of your handle material if you plan to put a pan or lid in the oven!

I mention lids, because they also come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and functions. The Chantal cookware has tempered glass lids so you can peek at your food's progress, others have specially designed handles, and even tiny interior spikes that allow for 'self basting'. And even if your

piece doesn't include a lid, we have a Universal Pan lid for that! And don't forget the steamer and pasta inserts...

With so many options, we've outlined the features of each line so you can compare for yourself, and whether you're ready to commit, or just want to start with a 'try me' pan- come see us!


Chantal Copper Fusion Cookware

Stick resistant

Material/Finish: Enamel on steel with copper core

Colors: Red & Platinum, Black interior

Sets available: Yes

Copper core prevents hotspots, heats up quickly and retains heat with even heat distribution

Sturdy solid threaded handles, some sizes have one or two helper handles

Heavy weight

Easy to clean, Dishwasher Safe*

*No steel wool or Lemi Shine

Use Chantal Ceramic Cleaner

No dry preheat

Coating is Non-Reactive & Chemical Free

Induction Friendly

Cook & Store capability

Utensil Safe

Glass Lids

Made in Germany


Swiss Diamond


Material: Pressure cast aluminum w/3 layers of coating

Non-PFOA, Real diamond crystals in the coating provide extreme hardness, are heat conducting and durable

No hot spots

Threaded Handle, safe up to 500 degrees

Efficient, low heat cooking

Use & Care: Start with low heat

Clean with Baking Soda and water or Bar Keepers Friend

Use nylon, silicone or wood utensils

With proper use and care, Lifetime warranty

Induction friendly line available

Made in Switzerland



Green Pan


Material/Finish: Varies- Stainless or Aluminum Exterior, Ceramic Thermolon Coated Interior

Open Stock

Induction line available

Recommend to use oil or butter

Extra virgin olive oil or oil sprays can leave a thin carbonized layer on nonstick.

Plastic, rubber or wooden utensils. No metal utensils.

Wash in warm soapy water. Rinse and then dry with a soft towel.

Do NOT use steel wool or nylon scrubbing pads.



3 Ply Stainless Line

Material: 18/10 interior, aluminum core, Stainless Steel exterior

Shiny exterior finish

Sets available

Dishwasher safe

Oven and grill safe

Induction friendly

Straight sides

Made in USA

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 4.04.34 PM


5 Ply Stainless Line

Material/Finish: brushed stainless finish

18/10 stainless surface improves stability, prevents warping

Aluminum layer, stainless steel core, very conductive

No hotspots- even heat


Induction friendly

Pouring lip on pan edge

Riveted handle

Heavy weight

Sets available

Larger handle for mitts or larger hands

Lifetime warranty

Made in USA

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 3.56.01 PM




Material: 5 Ply Stainless with Aluminum Core

One piece construction

Open stock

All cooking surfaces

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Made in USA




7 Ply Stainless Steel with Alluminum Alloy core

Sets available

ergonomic double riveted stainless steel handles w/ stay-cool vent design

any cooking surface, including induction

Lids interchangeable with vessels of same diameter

Manufactured in Belgium





Material/Finish: Enameled cast iron

Black matte enamel interior

Colors: Black Matte, Basil, Graphite, Grenadine, Saffron, Dark Blue and Cherry

Self basting spikes on lid interior allow 'rainforest' effect to put moisture back in the food

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 4.08.59 PM

Ideal for Slow cooking and Flavor enhancing

Oven to table capability and refrigerator safe

Made in France





Cast Iron


Made in USA


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