Chocolate Dipped Cookie Decorating


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Now that you have your cookies baked, there are many options for decorating. For a sophisticated, elegant cookie collection, Chef Lisa shares her tips to decorating with chocolate.


Chocolate Dipping tips:


1- Melting/ Tempering

Using a clean metal bowl, larger than the mouth of your pot, place it on top of a pot of boiling water to melt your chocolate according to these temperatures:

Heat all chocolate to 115-120 degrees

once the chocolate is completely melted, bring the temp down to:

82-84 degrees for White Chocolate

88-89 degrees for Dark Chocolate

86-87 degrees for Milk Chocolate

Make sure to hold the chocolate at this temp during the time you will be using it.


2- Dipping

To prevent excess chocolate on your cookies from dripping and pooling on the parchment, use a second metal bowl, a clean rubber band and a long straight kitchen implement, like a bamboo or metal skewer. Stretch the band across the bowl, making sure it is centered and won't spring off. Secure the skewer by tucking it under the band and sliding both ends across the bowl lip. Place the bowl on the hot water pot (with burner off) and transfer pre-melted chocolate. Now as you dip you can gently scrape the bottom edge of the cookie along the skewer, removing the excess chocolate.



To apply sprinkles without spilling too much excess, pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and use your fingers to pinch and apply the sprinkles to the melted chocolate.IMG_0381

3- For a better, less-mess drizzle:

Hold your cookie over the bowl of melted chocolte. With a silicone spatula, scoop a small amount of chocolate onto the blade and tip it slightly to begin the 'flow' of the chocolate. In quick uniform back and forth motions, move from one side of the cookie to the other, making sure to stop and start just past the cookie edge.



Place dipped and decorated cookies in the freezer for a few minutes to get the chocolate to harden.



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