One Souffle You Won’t Mind Getting in Lime for…


These adorably tiny souffles pack a punch with just as much tartness as the fruit that gives them their citrus zing! And while serving them in a lime shell means there is just a few tangy bites- that is all it takes to fall in love with this flavor.

To create the cups, Chef Lisa:

1. first cut a small slice from one end of a washed lime to create a base so that the lime will stand up on its own.


2. Next she cut the top from the other end of the lime, making sure to leave a good portion of the lime skin while creating an opening large enough to remove the flesh from the inside.


3.Having the right tools on hand makes all the difference in creating the shell.



4. Using both a tomato shark and a melon baller, she alternated scooping and scraping until the inside of the shell is clean of any fruit or spines.




5. Once the shell is clear and smooth inside, it is ready to be filled with souffle and baked.


The baking process does change the bright green hue of the shell, but the limey aroma and sharp flavor of the fluffy filling are not affected in the least.



If you crave more bites than the shell can offer, they are equally delicious served in ramekins.



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