If you prefer a pickle in your deviled eggs…


Just when you thought we'd twisted all we could from deviled eggs, Chef Lisa gets us all in a pickle - but if you're wondering if it's dill or sweet she prefers, it's not at all what you'd expect - and the results are both darling and delicious!

by Chef Lisa Chang

Five eggs, hard boiled

1/2 tsp chopped pickled ginger

1/2 tsp chopped pickled mango

1/2 tsp hot chili paste

3 Tbsp Japanese Kewpie Mayo

1 tsp dry hot mustard powder

1 Tbsp pickling liquid from your favorite pickled product

1/2 tsp Smoked AK Pure Sea Salt

Fresh ground Black Pepper to taste

Place refrigerated eggs into a pot of cold water bring to a rapid boil, cover and continue to boil 8 mins. Remove from heat and allow to sit, covered, an additional 12 mins. Run eggs under cold water until cool enough to handle. Remove shells under running water.


Using a sharp knife, gently cut egg white around center yolk. Pull off one half of white and remove whole cooked yolk. In small bowls, prepare dyeing mix by combining 3/4 cups cool water and 1 drop of food coloring. Add halved whites to die baths and allow to soak for 45 minutes - stirring occasionally to avoid tips that may peak out of the liquid - or until desired color is achieved.

Prepare filling:
Dice pickled ginger and mango, add to egg yolks, mayo, mustard, chili paste, pickling liquid and salt. With a fork, mash and blend all ingredients together, cover and refrigerate until halves are finished coloring.


Remove egg halves from die baths and allow to dry on a cooling rack until drips have stopped.


Using a portion scoop, fill each 'hole' with a scoop of filling.


Garnish with Cilanto leaves and an additional sprinkling of Smoked Sea Salt and cracked pepper.

Serve chilled on a deviled egg platter.


Side Note: While we're talking dyed eggs, we also love using food dyes to color the outside of Easter Eggs. Turmeric for yellow hues, red cabbage for blues and beet juice for warm tones. You can also use beat juice to color the whites of your deviled eggs, like these Curried Mustard Eggs with Dill, though we haven't tried the other two, which may overtly alter the overall flavor of your egg - so stick with the one drop of food coloring like Chef Lisa suggests.


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