Toolbox Tuesday: Paper Bundt Pan Test Bake

toolscopyBy Ingrid Gadpaille20150225_111209_HDR

I was skeptical of the very idea of paper being a useful baking form because the heat transfer properties seemed to be so different (and I assumed inferior) to metal cake pans, but the idea of being able to give a baked good in a giftable container that doesn't have to be washed, returned or tracked down weeks later, was worth testing it out.


I used a standard boxed carrot cake mix, adding raisins to half the batter but otherwise making no changes. The pan instructions specifically read that no pretreatment of the interior was needed to prevent sticking, and there did appear to be some sort of light coating inside the form.

20150225_114854However, as can be seen in the photos, the release was not at all clean, so I recommend lightly spraying the interior; the cooking time is so greatly reduced that I don’t think that there is any risk of the spray degrading the paper.


The cooking time was a big surprise; the box instructions recommended 45 minutes for a bundt pan, and yes, I did split the mix between the 2 forms, but the cook time was only 26 minutes!

20150225_121948It was almost too much! I let them cool completely before beginning the release process, and in retrospect I should have tried releasing one while still warm. It could have been even worse, since it usually is with warm, soft products!


The final product was evenly baked, still moist and flavorful, and disappeared rather rapidly! I added a lemon flavored glaze to one, and a maple flavored glaze to the other, both of which enhanced the cake flavor nicely.


I am now a believer that these paper pans are a very viable way to cook a cake, and the benefit of having no pan to wash is not to be ignored!

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