Dessert Shop: Red Velvet Caramels



2 cups sugar
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup butter
1 cup milk
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon Blue Cattle Truck Pure Mexican Vanilla
1 teaspoon Red Velvet Baking Emulsion

Prepare a straight sided baking pan with parchment strips that extend up and over the sides of the pan and secure with bulldog clips. Spray with Vegalene baking spray; set aside.

Combine all ingredients, except vanilla and emulsion, in heavy 4-quart saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, 15-20 minutes or until butter is melted and mixture comes to a boil.

Continue cooking without stirring for an additional 25-30 minutes or until candy thermometer reaches 244° or firm ball stage. (Your thermometer is a key tool here! We love the Maverick Digital model because it has the candy stages preprogrammed - so there's no guess work, ensuring your caramels won't be too soft, or pull teeth!)

Remove pan from heat; quickly stir in vanilla and Red Velvet emulsion. Pour into prepared pan without scraping the bottom as caramel can scorch. Cool completely, preferably overnight.


Once caramel is cooled, lift from pan and use a bench scraper, also sprayed with Vegalene, to cut into even cubes.

IMG_0578The cubes should hold their shape at room temperature to be ready for dipping.
Melt Callebaut white chocolate in the small double boiler insert over boiling water. Remove from water and stir until smooth.


Using the chocolate dipping tools, dip each square to coat and set on a silpat lined baking sheet or parchment.


Before chocolate sets, apply holly berry and snowflake sprinkles to each chocolate along with light sprinklings of Pure Alaska Sea Salt pyramids and/ or edible glitter. Molded chocolate shapes like pine cones or snowflakes also make nice toppings as well as adding other chocolate flavors to the finished candy.


Once cooled, remove from silpat and package using chocolate paper cups and gift boxes.


While chocolate is still warm, you can set the caramel on a chocolate transfer sheet. Once it cools the pattern will peel off the sheet with the chocolate, leaving a lovely design on the surface it contacts.


Using clean cotton gloves to handle finished chocolates keeps them fingerprint free.         IMG_0609            IMG_0621

adapted from Aunt Emily's Soft Caramels recipe


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