Brighten Summertime Beverages with a Syrupy Splash!

Alcoholic cocktail feeling with Cachaca, cranberry drink, strawberries, lime juice, green basil, and ice cubes, vintage wooden background, selective focus

With summertime flavors like Passion Fruit, Cucumber, Rock Melon Cantaloupe, Exotic Citrus, and even Tiki Blend - Monin Syrups are ready to liven any beverage. One of our favorites is Chef Lisa's creation, the Water Berry Punch which combines the quintessential tastes of summer into one delightfully sparkling glass - see the recipe below. Any of these syrups can easily be added to a simple club soda over ice, or dolled up with herbed sugar rims, infused cream layers and zesty blended berry stir-ins! Plain old strawberry lemonade is so last summer - but with just a splash of Guava syrup, a few berries and a sprig of basil, you can give a tropical hint to a refreshing classic! So mix it up, and try an exciting - dare we say exotic - blend of your own!

Water Berry Punch



1 oz. Monin watermelon syrup

1 oz. Monin huckleberry syrup

12 oz. sparkling gingerale

2 oz. cranberry juice

1/2 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice

Place all ingredients in a 16 oz glass and stir. Garnish with a twist of lime or wedge of watermelon.



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