Dessert Shop: Orange Creme Bon Bons


These orange-filled chocolates will make you feel like a real chocolatier, even though they are really easy to make—especially when they are made in our festive Christmas chocolate molds! When prettily packaged, these chocolates make the perfect gift for friends, neighbors, coworkers, (or yourself).

For the filling:

One 15oz jar of marshmallow fluff

5-6 drops orange food coloring

1 tsp Mexican vanilla

½ tsp orange zest

¾ - 1 cup powdered sugar

Mix fluff, food coloring, vanilla, and orange zest together in the KitchenAid mixer fitted with the whip attachment.


Add powdered sugar slowly until mixture reaches desired consistency for filling the chocolates.


Using a double boiler, melt Callebaut semisweet callets. When they are fully melted, remove from heat and mix in about five solid chips until melted (this is an easy trick to temper the chocolate).


Fill each well of the chocolate mold and turn it around to coat entire well.


Turn upside down on Silpat mat and allow excess to drip out, and then use a bench scraper to scrape excess of the top of the mold.


Place the mold in the fridge until solid.


Using a disposable piping bag, fill each well, but not quite to the top of the mold.



Pour more melted chocolate over the filling, and then use the bench scraper again to smooth the top and scrape off the excess onto the silpat. Once the extra melted chocolate has hardened, you can re-melt it!


Put the chocolates back into the fridge for a few hours until solid. To remove, whack the mold upside down against the counter or a cutting board. If the chocolates don’t come out easily, try placing the mold into the freezer for a few minutes.

For some extra special decorating fun, use a small paintbrush to paint white chocolate into the molds before filling. This technique allows you to add extra details to your chocolate masterpieces!

One of our favorite bon bon molds is the fat santa - he's so jolly!





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