Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Bosch Universal Bosch Mixer

By Sarah Plowright-Williams, Kitchen Store Specialist

Last week we decided to test-drive the Bosch Universal Mixer. This mixer's claim to fame is its ability to mix large quantities of dough - up to 15lbs at one time - and its revolutionary designed cookie paddles. We choose the chocolate chip cookie recipe from one of our books, “The Secret Lives of Baked Goods” by Jessie Oleson Moore.

While mixing our cookie dough we found that the open top design of the Bosch made it really easy to add ingredients and see what was happening inside our mixture.

The top cover allowed us to add the dry ingredients without flour flying out when we started to incorporate it into our dough, keeping our kitchen clean. The two open paddles allowed the cookie dough to mix evenly and quickly and not get stuck in the paddles.


While we know it can take care of large quantities of up to 5 times your normal recipe, we tried a small batch and it worked just as well.

The machine was easy to clean and while it is not as attractive as the KitchenAid stand mixers, it is lighter to move around and attaches easily to your work surface so that it is safe and secure while in use.

The cookies baked nice and evenly, were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside

and were definitely a hit with our colleagues in our Appliance Department!




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