Ebelskivers – Nordicware Pan

by Sarah Plowright-WIlliams, Kitchen Store Specialist

We were very excited about this blog; both Helen and I have been reading ebelskiver recipes for the past few weeks. These Danish stuffed pancakes are so versatile and can have savory fillings such as walnut, pear and blue cheese or sweet like pecan and salted caramel.

So putting an Alaskan theme on ebelskivers we decided we could make smoked salmon and cream cheese and perhaps wild blueberry and fireweed honey.  The really nice thing about ebelskivers is that the  list of fillings is really only contained by your imagination.

The batter we used was the basic batter from the Ebelskiver recipe book by Kevin Crafts. It was easy and the only real difference from the regular pancake batter was separating the eggs, whisking the whites and folding them in at the end.

We heated the pan and brushed it with melted butter. Helen put a tablespoon of batter in each well and followed this with a tablespoon of our filling, which were cinnamon chocolate chips.

We covered the filling with another tablespoon of batter and waited until little bubbles appeared around the outside.

This took about 4 minutes. We were a little apprehensive about how difficult it would be to turn the pancakes with the Timbers Ebelskiver Turners, but it was surprisingly simple. It took another 3 minutes to finish the cooking the other side. They kept well in the oven until we had used all the batter and the recipe yielded 21 pancakes; more than enough for four hungry people.

We served the pancakes with cinnamon powdered sugar and they were amazing, light and fluffy yet filling. I now have an ebelskiver pan to add to my overflowing kitchen and Sunday breakfast I will be treating myself to the iced gingerbread pancakes. Sunday can’t come fast enough!






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