Even I couldn’t burn It !!!

By Jill Anderson, Appliance Specialist
So, I have never cooked with a Tagine and it looked like it would be fun to try using it on our Big Green Egg. The Emile Henry Tagines are made of Flame Ceramic and are oven-safe up to 930 degrees F, so we knew it would do just fine on the Big Green Egg.

I chose a chicken recipe, Tagine M'Derbel Beraniya, from a book we sell at Allen & Petersen called "Cooking at the Kasbah", by Kitty Morse. I followed the recipe except when it came to cooking. I put the Tagine in the Big Green Egg for 50 minutes at 350F rather than on the stove top as suggested.
I accidentally stopped monitoring the Egg and forgot to close the Daisy Wheel on the top during the last of the cooking time. I know, I shouldn't just walk away from my cooking, but it got busy at work. Incidentally, with all that airflow, the temperature got up to 500 degrees in my absence. My co worker asked if I had been checking the temperature. Oops.
It was so hot, but because the Tagine acts as a heat diffuser to gently cook food, it was protected and the dish came out great without burning! The lid shape also helps to circulate steam and keep food moist and tender while retaining flavor, so really, it was the perfect vessel for cooking this dish on the Big Green Egg.
The chicken stayed tender and was infused with the flavors of the spices. The recipe also called for the chicken to be served with a thick sauce made with roasted eggplant slices and sundried tomatoes. We were able to roast the eggplant on a piece of tinfoil in the Egg while the Tagine was cooking. It really was fun to see that there is one more way to use the Egg in combination with another cooking method to produce a dish that you wouldn't normally associate with a charcoal cooker!
PS. Thank you Helen from our Kitchen Store for chopping all the onions and helping to remind me to check the Egg...

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