By Lucy Gibson, Chef Instructor

These fresh and simple recipes allow you to make many lovely little one-bite dishes from your baked and smoked fishes:


Salmon Cakes

1lb cooked salmon flaked

1 egg

2 Tbs of parsley

2 Tbs chopped green onion

Salt and pepper

2 Tbs cream cheese

  • Combine all ingredients in bowl mix well, shape into cakes.


Panko bread crumbs

1 tsp paprika

  • Put 1 cup panko breadcrumbs in a bowl with the paprika
  • Mix together.
  • Roll the salmon cakes in the breadcrumbs, put on a baking sheet and bake in the
  • Oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees


Salmon and Avocado Vol-au-Vents

Use the mixture for the salmon cakes and put a teaspoon of the mixture in the fully baked

Vol-au-vent case

bake in oven 359 for 15 minutes garnish with Avocado and baked Salmon flake.


Smoked Salmon Vol-au Vent

8oz smoked salmon

1 pkg. cream cheese

I pkg. Frozen Vol-au-Vent cases

I teaspoon Sriracha hot sauce

1 teaspoon freshly chopped parsley


Bake Vol-au-Vent cases following the instructions on package. Allow to cool.

Mix smoked salmon, hot sauce and cream cheese until well blended.


Spoon approximately 1/2 teaspoon of Salmon mixture into Vol-au-Vent puffs.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Serve.


Cucumber Sandwiches

Slice cucumber. Spread smoked salmon mixture between two slices of cucumber.

Hold together with toothpick. Garnish with lemon rind or dip in a Balsamic Vinegar reduction.



Make sure you have your cookie jar stocked, because these flavors make one surprisingly amazing team!

By Lucy Gibson, Chef Instructor

Cran-Blueberry White Chocolate Cookies        

1 cup butter
½ cup white sugar
¾ cup soft brown sugar
1 egg
2    cups flour
1tsp. baking soda
1 cup blueberry infused Craisins
1 cup Callebaut white chocolate Callets

Using a KitchenAid stand mixer fitted with flat beater, cream butter and sugars until almost white. Add egg and mix well. Add baking soda and flour. Mix until completely combined. Stir in craisins and callets.
Using a portion cookie scoop, drop dough onto cookie sheet lined with a Silpat mat.

Bake at 350 for 12 minutes.


by Cheryl Shaffer, Kitchen Store Specialist

Mushroom Phyllo Triangles

Mince together:
3 Rosemary leafs, fresh
3 sprigs fresh Thyme
3 Sage leafs, fresh
10 stems fresh Chives, minced
2 baby Carrots
1/4 of a large Idaho potato
3 leafs of Purple Cabbage
1 Tablespoon Toasted Sesame Seeds
Saute the above together in a skillet with 2 Tablespoons Butter and 1 Tablespoon Grapeseed Oil
until everything is softened, about 3-5 minutes.
Add 10 chopped Mushrooms.

When the mushrooms are cooked, add:

1/2 cup vegetable broth
1 teaspoon sea salt
a few grinds of fresh milled pepper
1/4 teaspoon red chili pepper flakes
3 Tablespoons parmesan cheese

Remove from heat and allow to cool a bit.
Thaw 1/2 of a box of Phyllo (Filo) Dough. You’ll use about 1/2 of this roll. Open the roll and
cover the dough sheets with a damp towel to keep it from drying out.
Take 2 sheets of Phyllo dough and brush it with melted butter. Cover it with 2 more sheets of
dough and brush those with melted butter. With a sharp knife, cut the buttered sheets in half,
giving you two large rectangles.
Place 1 Tablespoon of the mushroom mixture on the bottom of each rectangle, in the center.
Fold the edges of dough over the mushroom mound. You’ll have two long, narrow rectangles.
Carefully fold the dough over itself like you would fold the American Flag, ending up in a triangle
shape. Brush the top with melted butter and place it on a cookie sheet with a Silpat sheet.
Continue until you have all of the mushroom mixture is used. You should have about 12
Bake 350 oven for about 10-15 minutes, until the Phyllo dough is golden brown and crisp. Allow
to cool a little, serve warm.


by Cheryl Shaffer, Kitchen Store Specialist

Portrait Potato Crisps

1 large Idaho baking potato, scrubbed but not peeled
Vegaline spray
flaked sea salt
J&D's Sriracha Rub Seasoning Blend
1 egg white, beaten to use as brushed-on “glue” for the herbs
Assorted Herbs:
red chili pepper seeds
poppy seeds
sage leaves
thinly sliced carrots
thinly sliced purple cabbage
thinly sliced potato peel
thinly sliced jalapeño pepper
thinly sliced lemon, lime or orange peel - be careful - you want color only, not the white pith or it
will be bitter.

Mandoline set at thinnest slice
metal cooling rack set over a cookie sheet
sharp knife
mini cookie cutters

Thinly slice the potato into cameo-like ovals. Brush with egg wash. Arrange the herbs into a
pleasing arrangement. I used mini cookie cutters to easily cut shapes from the cabbage, carrot,
citrus, and potato peel.


When you have your design set, sprinkle with a little Sriracha
seasoning, give a light spray of Vegaline, and sprinkle of flake sea salt. Carefully transfer the
ovals to the metal cooling rack, which has been sprayed with Vegaline, and bake 350 degrees until
potato is cooked and starting to brown, about 15 minutes.


These can be a bit time consuming, but if you cut out your basic shapes ahead, you can put
them together fairly quickly.


I could get 9 ovals on each rack. The crisps are good on their
own, but can also be dipped in a bit of creamy dressing. Each bite is different, depending on
your mix of herbs used in the portrait.


by Cheryl Shaffer, Kitchen Store Specialist

Mac & Cheese Bacon Cups

1/2 # pasta - I used egg noodles, cooked until al dente
1 bunch of green onions, white and green, sliced thinly
3 heels of garlic, minced
1 jalapeño pepper, minced
2 sprigs fresh thyme, minced
2 cups heavy cream
4 oz cream cheese, softened
1 oz grated parmesan cheese
2 oz grated Romano cheese
2 teaspoons beef base
2# bacon, thick sliced
12 teaspoons Panko crumbs


For Bacon Cups:
Invert a pop-over mold onto a metal cooling rack, placed over a cookie sheet with sides.
Spray with a little vegetable spray to help reduce sticking.
Cut two strips of bacon in half, and criss cross them over the popover mold. Cut another strip in
half, and wrap it around the top of the mold, then continue with a full strip to fully wrap around
the mold. Gently squeeze it with your hand, to fit the mold and reduce any holes.
Continue to wrap each of the popover molds. You should have enough bacon to wrap 12
Bake in a 375 oven for 25-30 minutes, or until bacon is completely cooked. Cool. Carefully
remove cups from the molds. If they are not completely cooked on the interior, set them upright
on a cooling rack on a cookie sheet and bake for an additional 10-15 minutes, as needed. Cool.

Cook the pasta in salted water, until al dente. Drain and set aside.
In a heavy sauce pan, melt the butter and sauté the onions, garlic, jalapeño pepper and thyme
until the white onions are translucent. Add the cream, cream cheese, and whisk until smooth
and bubbling. Add the beef base, Romano and Parmesan cheese, whisk until smooth. Add the
pasta and stir until well coated. Remove from heat.
Spoon the mac & cheese mixture into the bacon cups and dust with about 1 teaspoon of Panko
crumbs on each cup. Place cups on a baking sheet or in a casserole pan and bake at 350 until
the crumbs are golden.

Remove and enjoy!


by Cheryl Shaffer, Kitchen Store Specialist

Chocolate Sriracha Candied Bacon Lollipops

2 # bacon, thick sliced
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
2 Tbs. J&D's Sriracha Rub Seasoning Blend

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Arrange bacon in a single layer on a metal cooling rack that has been set over a cookie
sheet pan, with sides. (you don’t want the bacon drippings to mess up your oven). Bacon
strips may touch, but should not overlap.
3. Spread the sugar / spice mixture over the bacon, to coat the tops of each strip. Use the
back of a spoon to smear it into the bacon.

4. Bake in the oven until bacon is fully cooked, about 20 minutes. Check often as oven temps
may vary and bacon thickness may cook faster or slower.
5. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
6. Bacon may be enjoyed as is, or to make it extra special:

7. Cut each slice in half, and dip 1/2 of the cut slice into the following chocolate glaze, then
sprinkle with a little flaked sea salt, place on parchment paper and freeze about 10 minutes,
to set the chocolate.

Chocolate Glaze:
6 oz Challabaut Dk Chocolate Morsels
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
Melt the butter and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, 1 minute. Stir until chocolate is
smooth. You may need to add 15 seconds of heating time. Be careful, over-heating the
chocolate can cause it to seize.


Chef Amanda took her flavors on the road to make a live-in-person appearance at the Saturday Farmer's Market , serving up delicious bites made with 'just picked' ingredients from the surrounding vendors. This weekend you can see her for yourself at the 15th and Cordova market where she'll be sampling her tasty omelets, grilled pizzas (featuring Alaska Flour Company's barley), and irresistibly fresh salads. Or, if you can't make it out, try her recipes for yourself at home! Thanks Amanda!

Barley Pizza Dough

Adapted from the Viking Cooking School Pizza Workshop

1 (¼-ounce) envelope active dry yeast (2 ¼ teaspoons)

1 teaspoon granulated sugar

¼ cup warm water 105 to 110 degrees

1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt

2 ¼  cups all purpose flour (plus extra, as needed)

¾  cup Alaska Flour Company barley flour

1 cup room temperature water

3 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for oiling the dough

1.  To make the dough: stir together the yeast, sugar, and warm water.  Let stand until the mixture becomes creamy, about 5 to 10 minutes.

2.  Combine the salt with the flours in the work bowl of a food processor.  Pulse to evenly mix the dry ingredients.

3.  Combine the yeast mixture, room temperature water and olive oil in a measuring cup with a pouring spout.  With the food processor running, slowly add the liquid through the feed tube; continue to process until the dough forms a satiny ball that clears the sides of the work bowl, about 1 ½ to 2 minutes. (Note: If after 1 minute the dough is sticky and clings to the blade, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water and process until the dough forms a ball.

4.  Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface; knead by hand with a few strokes to form a smooth, round ball.  Place the ball of dough in a lightly oiled bowl; cover with plastic wrap or a slightly damp towel and let rise until doubled in bulk, about 1 hour.  (Note: This recipe may also be made in an electric stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment.)

5.  Punch the dough down and transfer to a lightly floured board or silicone mat, then knead briefly by hand.  Divide the dough in to 2 equal portions for 12 to 16-inch pizzas or 4 equal portions for 8-inch pieces.  Shape each portion into a tight ball/  Brush each very lightly with oil, then cover tightly with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, or up to overnight. (Important Note: Bring the dough to room temperature before shaping, topping, and baking the crust.)

6.  To grill pizza, allow gravity to stretch the dough into a round shape (hold in front of you and let it gently stretch, switching directions until done).  Coat both sides with olive oil and place on a hot grill.  After about 3 minutes, the dough will appear to be cooking and bubbly.  Flip it over and add toppings, taking care to not add too many.  All toppings need to be pre-cooked and grated.

Toppings included sautéed oyster and shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions and bacon, basil oil, and beet greens.

Asian Green Salad with Tofu and Sprouted Adzukis


1          Tablespoon toasted sesame oil

2          limes, zested and juiced

1          Tablespoon rice vinegar

¼         teaspoon red pepper flakes

1          teaspoon birch syrup

Mix all together, taste, adjust seasoning as needed.


1 ½     teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1          12-ounce package Alaska Sprouts firm tofu

Heat a pan  up over medium-high heat.  Cut the tofu into ½-inch cubes and blot with paper towels.  When the pan is hot, add the oil and heat through quickly.  Add the tofu cubes and sauté, coating all sides with the oil and getting even browning.  Remove from pan and set aside.


1          bunch green onions, sliced thinly on the bias

1          bunch radishes, thinly sliced

2          carrots, julienned

Mustard greens, washed and crisped and torn into bite-size pieces

1          container sprouted beans from Alaska Sprouts

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss. Serve on chilled plates and garnish with edible flowers.

Magpie Sue’s Potato Salad

This is very unconventionally prepared, so feel free to adjust the preparation to fit your lifestyle.


3          pounds Yukon Gold or similar potato, medium dice

1          bunch golden beets, medium dice

2          white onions, small dice

1          bunch Swiss chard, stripped from stalk and roughly chopped

Assorted other vegetables

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

In a Dutch oven or in foil packets on a grill, cook potatoes and beets with oil, salt, and pepper until tender.  Remove and spread out on a baking sheet to cool.  Wilt the Swiss chard in a pan over medium heat.

Spring Pesto

I use a Vitamix for this, but a blender or food processor will also work

Green parts of the onions

½ bunch fresh dill

½ bunch fresh cilantro

½ teaspoon balsamic vinegar

1 small container of plain yogurt (Greek or otherwise) I use homemade

½ bunch of cress

3 cloves garlic, peeled, or garlic scapes

salt and pepper

Water as needed

Combine all in the smoothie setting of the Vitamix and add water if needed.

NOW, you are ready to toss the vegetables with the pesto dressing.  I enjoy serving this salad on a toasted baguette slice like a bruschetta topping.

Anyone can can. In fact, our very own Kyle D. has been boasting about his homemade marinara sauce that he is now making in large batches and jarring up. He not only has a delicious, home made sauce ready to go in the pantry, he also saves money on his grocery bill and cuts cooking time by using his pressure cooker to infuse the flavors. We convinced him to share his recipe with you - just be advised that Kyle likes it hot - but says you can scale back the crushed red pepper flakes to your taste. He even brought in a few jars for us to taste.

It's a special flavor, not diluted by pasta - which the majority of partakers rated as 'just right' on heat, with only one 'too spicy'- but for the most part the thing that sets it apart is the pepperiness that lingers with each bite.

Thanks, Kyle!

Kyle D’s Hotcha Marinara Sauce

Scaled For #10 Cans

#10 can diced tomatoes, drained

1 ½ cups chopped onions

¾ cup fresh chopped parsley

3 tbsp chopped garlic (9 medium sized cloves)

4 tbsp olive oil

1 ½ tsp oregano

1 ½ tsp crushed red pepper

¼ cup fresh chopped basil

1 ½ tsp salt

1 ½ tsp black pepper

pinch of thyme

pinch of rosemary

Lightly sauté the onions in olive oil in large pot for a few minutes. Add garlic and sauté another minute.  Add tomatoes and bring sauce to boil, then turn heat to low.  Add remaining ingredients, stir, cover and let simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally, or cook on low pressure in pressure cooker for 15 minutes.  Emulsify to desired consistency.

Yields approximately 3 quarts

1 quart = 32 ounces

#10 can = 102 ounces or 12.75 cups

And at the store we just received loads of jars from Bormioli in all shapes, sizes and volumes

as well as funnels, lid lifters, labels, recipe books and just about everything you need to bottle up your big batch recipes.