By Claire Mothershead, Appliance Specialist, Mom and Eggs Benedict Enthusiast

Induction. People think it’s a new thing but it’s not. I grew up with an induction cooktop in my childhood home. The cooktop is over 30 years old now and 6 years ago when I built my own house I was sure to include an induction cooktop as well. Induction is a way of heating your pan. It has a generator that excites the molecules in your pan which causes heat and allows you to have greater control over your heat vs. a standard electric cooking surface (one with coils or a glass and coil top) yet has the control of a gas cooktop but allows for safer cooking. For example, I don’t have to worry about accidentally turning on my cooktop because it will not turn on unless a pan made with ferrous material is making contact with it.


I’m not writing about induction though. I want to tell you about a new pan I found that works on my cooktop! I always get exited when I can find a new ‘gimmicky’ pan that works with my cooktop. With induction, I have to carry a magnet with me to make sure pans will work on my cooking surface. That’s the key with induction, it must be magnetic on the bottom. As a result, there are some pans we sell that I can’t purchase; the egg waffle pan, the Abelskiver pan, the classic Whirly Pop, all the fun pans! One can imagine my excitement when I came across the egg poacher pan made by Norpro.


My co-workers can attest the excitement I had when I made this discovery. I quickly purchased one and made Eggs Benedict that same night.


My kids LOVE Eggs Benedict. I am not a fan of making them because I can never get the poached egg right. My eggs are too runny, too well done, fall apart, and most certainly never picture perfect. I tried all the tricks I could find on Google and watched several YouTube videos professing the ‘perfect poached egg’ or ‘easy poached egg’. No amount of swirling water, vinegar or ‘cracking an egg into a smaller bowl first’ could help me with my demise. I gave up. In my frustration I resorted to making fried eggs and covering them up with lots of Hollandaise sauce.


Just this morning I made Eggs Benedict for my kids before sending them off to school. In less than twenty minutes I had 4 beautiful, picture worthy Eggs Benedict ready to be gobbled up with the help of my new pan.


The Norpro egg poacher is incredibly easy to use. I added some water to the pan and got to a boil. While the water was heating up my kids sprayed the non-stick inserts with a little cooking spray and put them into the pan. They then each cracked an egg into their insert and we covered it with the glass lid and watched magic happen.


After a few minutes we lifted the lid and shook the pan. We decided that the ‘jiggle’ was just right and the eggs were done.


We placed them on our English muffin topped with Canadian bacon and smothered them in Hollandaise sauce. The result, the perfect poached egg!



I love my new ‘gimmicky’ pan because it is induction friendly for my cooktop and can also double as a saucepan. My kids love it too!